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Lifting Parents
Through Loss

The path of losing a child is like no other, often wrought with many questions, doubts and fears. The feelings of isolation can be debilitating.

I am here to walk alongside you.

In 2012, my daughter died of a heart infection at the age of 16. Truly devastated, I couldn’t envision life without her, let alone find the strength to carry on. I longed for support and guidance that was wise, compassionate, and truly helpful. In my search for solace, I found very little was that was beneficial.

Since that dismal day in 2012, I’ve curated many useful resources to lift others through grief. Providing grief support to parents in the aftermath of child loss has become my mission. I’ve earned a certification in life coaching which, coupled with my personal experience of loss, gives me tools and insights to help you find your way out of the darkness. I have also written a book, Beyond the Rainbow, A Mother’s Journey through Grief to Gracewhich describes in detail my journey through grief.

Let me help you rediscover joy and peace in the wake of this tragedy.  

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“There are the wounded healers – those who walk through life who have transformed their wounds into healing and service to others. We think of Helen Keller, Andrea Bocelli, or Victor Frankl. I believe Beth Knopik descends from this spiritual legacy. Having navigated through unthinkable loss, she has transformed her pain into a life of faith, beauty and service. Her ability to offer grief support transcends mere intellectual understanding and is forged by fire in her deep heart. Sensitive, intelligent and empathetic, Beth listens with her whole being. Authentic and true, she walks beside you in love and wonder, never losing her humanity – always fostering yours.” – Kate Alexander, Founder of the Blue Butterfly Grief Program

You are not alone on your journey.

There is new life on the other side of brokenness.

Notes of thanks

Beth has gained so much valuable wisdom as a result of her loss and offers that wisdom and guidance to others. Honest and genuine, Beth is a healing presence and lets you know you are not alone in your journey. She helps you to transform your suffering, and discover a life of peace and joy. Her support has been invaluable to me.


I met Beth during the lowest time of my life. She understood. I hardly remember that day, but I do remember her words of encouragement: “You will know joy again.” Beth strengthened me, encouraged me and related to me in a way no one else has been able. I have such sincere respect for Beth and deep gratitude. And she never stops saying, “I’m always here for you” – and I know she means it.


Beth Knopik’s grief support is a true gift for those finding their way through insurmountable loss and anyone seeking profound and valuable lessons in Faith, Hope and Love. Beth has helped me find light on the other side of darkness, and I am forever grateful.


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